Ultimate Reading Hub


For all book lovers, book worms and book nerds ~!

The most comprehensive book tracker you can ever find in Notion! Comes with automated filling of book details and the most detailed book stats ever!

This Reading Hub is designed to work like a dedicated space to track your book reads, collate your thoughts, and turn it into actionable insights. Comes with full on-boarding instructions and videos to guide your along.

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🌹 Adding books 🌹

- Easily add books, retrieve book cover and info from Goodreads using Save to Notion extension

- Or use a script and automatically retrieve book covers and info from Google Books just by entering book title. Data retrieved includes author, summary, genre, year published, publisher, pages, ISBN, ISBN 13. Self-hosted, no recurring fees.

- Mass import books from your Goodreads or Calibre account. Guide to mass scrape book covers - from Goodreads using python script included

🌹 Yearly and lifetime statistics 🌹

- Most comprehensive book stats you can ever find in Notion! All data are automatically retrieved.

- Compare your book stats against previous years, see your growth, all in a single dashboard!

- Track completed and dnf books across different types of categories.

- Yearly and lifetime reading statistics tracks more than over 20 parameters! Too many to list, refer to pictures for more info!

🌹 Tracking progress 🌹

- Track book and audiobook progress, includes progress bar, % complete, time taken, days elapsed

- Mobile dashboard included for you to log your progress on the go

- Calendar heat map to build habit streak and cultivate daily reading habit

- Comes with book template to help you pen down your thoughts, review, notes and collect your quotes

- Curate your own reading list and track your progress, % complete, last read

🌹 Gallery view 🌹

- Multiple gallery views included: TBR, Not started, Completed, DNF, Books Own, Favourites, Ratings, Year Read etc

- Modern and clean gallery view with uniform card size

- Identify your favourite, wish list, owned, completed and reviewed books easily. Different icons ⵔ ♡ ☆ ☑ will appear beside book title when option is checked

- 3 different types of status bar to choose from: minimalistic or with progress bar. Also comes with vital info such as year completed, time taken, not started, DNF status

- 2 different types of ratings design to choose from, ⭐️ or 🌹. CAWPILE scoring will also appear if books are rated via CAWPILE

🌹 Ratings 🌹

- Rate your books by half star or whole star. Choose your own preferred system!

- In build CAWPILE rating system

- Track the number of Goodreads-rated books you have read each year

- Rate your Book of the Month and Book of the Year

🌹 Use it together with your Kindle 🌹

- Guide on how to manually export your highlights to Notion without incurring monthly subscription fees

- Book template easily links up your highlights from within the template itself

- Import your Vocabulary builder words from Kindle into Notion via Google Sheets

- Quiz yourself on words by hiding and revealing definitions

🌹 Goals & challenges 🌹

- Set yearly book goals (Stay on track or be alerted if off target)

- Automated book challenges, from 10~7000 books! (Get notified on the day you hit a particular challenge, set future rewards, count your previous book tally without starting from zero)

🌹 Wishlist & subscription tracker 🌹

- Set yearly book budget, progress bar will alert you once you go off budget

- Subscription tracker to track your monthly and yearly subscriptions. Calculate breakdown cost per book and find out how much are you utilising your subscriptions to get your money worth

- Track your wish list items and book purchases

🌹 Other bonus features 🌹

- Each time you refresh your dashboard, a random book generator will show a snippet of the book summary based off your unread collection

- Save articles from the web and read them later

- Save your resources, links, bookmarks

- Loan tracker (automatic countdown on the no. of days left to due date or no. of days overdue)

- ARC tracker

- Book club, buddy read

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